6 terrible lessons learned from Disney films

It's impossible to watch most classic Disney films without learning some terrible messages that can't be un-learned. All women are either princesses or evil (The Little Mermaid, Snow White). All men are either princes or evil and/or ugly (Cinderella - prince. Sleeping beauty - prince. Hunchback of Notre Dame - ugly.)

Then there are these terrible messages. If you want your kids to have messed up views of the world, let them watch these classic Disney films...

1) Beauty and the Beast

"If a monster kidnaps your father and keeps him hostage, then keeps you locked up in a mansion you should probably marry him. He might change. If he gets mad at you and appears threatening, stick around and see what happens.

Also, sometimes crockery can talk."

2) Peter Pan

"If someone breaks into your childhood room you should go wherever they tell you to go. "

3) The Lion King

"You should be given things because of your bloodline. Some people are just born better. That's why it's fine that the Hyenas are literally starving to death - just try not to think about that. If they try to get a fair share you should kill their leader and banish them so they starve. Hakuna Matata, son. Hakuna Ma-f*cking-tata."

4) Snow White

"It's fine to make out with strangers (as long as they're in some kind of coma)."

- This is why Snow White is banned from hospital waiting rooms.

5) Aladin

Yeah, right Genie. That'll work.

6) Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid and all other Disney films...

"If you're single woman and over 25 years old, then you must be some kind of twisted evil monster."