Teen asks for job advice and gets the creepiest reply

It's a well known fact that being a woman on the internet is pretty crap a lot of the time. Whether it be receiving unsolicited dick pics or genuine death threats, it's hardly a walk in the park.

But when a professional woman reached out to a fellow tech businessman through Facebook, she was genuinely hoping he'd be able to offer some help in her industry.

18 year old Lydia Jones messaged a guy who posted on the London Startups and Entrepreneur Facebook group to ask if he had any contacts who could help with her new business @trooopshq

However, rather than receiving any form of helpful advice, she got this instead:

After offering a bit of advice, he then proceeds to ask her age, whether she's single and if her boyfriend helps with her work

As if that wasn't bad enough, he then continues to probe her on her sexuality, even asking if men turn her on.

Jones has since tweeted the exchange, which has received nearly 9,000 likes and 6,000 retweets. Many people have offered their support and sympathy, as well as offering Lydia answers to her original question

Lydia's tweet draws attention to the ongoing problem of sexism within the tech business, however with the amount of support she's received we're hoping things are looking up.