Teaching assistant fired after sending sassy response to student's mistake

Can you really get sacked for a tweet? Well, Katie Nash, a teaching assistant in Maryland was given her marching orders after she shot down a student on twitter after he asked for school to be cancelled the next day.

We have all done it, waking up in the morning to find a sheet of white on our garden or in the street. The first thing you want to do is go out and have fun with your friends, not go to school.

So when the weather got a bit much in Maryland, Nathan sent a tweet out asking for his county school organisation to cancel school:

Obviously, 'tomorrow' is spelt incorrectly, hilariously spelt 'tammarow'.

Katie Nash couldn't ignore this appalling mistake, quickly firing back from the organisations official twitter account:

Nash claims that the social media manager wanted more interaction with staff, and felt the tweet was harmless fun, but supervisors saw it as overstepping the mark and quickly fired her after a 'bullying row opened'.

She told the Frederick News Post:

"As a new employee, I think I sort of would have expected that there would have been some counseling or some suggestions on how to improve.
‘Any social-media manager is looking for increasing engagement, and that’s sort of the expected parameter.
‘I think a conversation about how we engage with students would have been completely appropriate and I would have welcomed that."

Nathan didn't feel bullied, himself. He managed to find the funny side.

Katie has also seen the positive side, now she has more time to spend with her children.

Was it too harsh to fire her?