23 teachers who wouldn't put up with bullsh*t in 2015

There are nice teachers. There are world-weary teachers. And then there are teachers who are sick to death of your bullsh*t. These teachers fit the latter category...

23) This teacher, who created a wall of shame


22) This teacher who's figured out every student owns a phone

"Aline, if that is your real name, you'd better get up here right now and hand over your cheating phone. Also, Leanne, I know you've given me a burner. No-one owns a Nokia anymore except for drug dealers- give me your smartphone right now. Right this goddamn second."

21) This forthright a-hole

"Now everyone is depressed. Happy?"

20) This teacher, who's recruiting for McDonalds on the side

"F is for finger licking good. But KFC aren't recruiting at the mo, so here's a McDonalds application."

19) This person, who's fairly justified

18) #oklayoffmcdonaldstheyrenotthatbad


17) This guy, with life tips

Life pro tip right there. Cheat better.

16) This teacher, who won't put up with your BS on Facebook

Who's irritated with potential-Jesus.

15) This guy, who marks letters of complaint

"F for complaining. You're not even good at whining."

14) This guy, who doesn't believe in highlighting tips

"Study the sh*t out of that sh*t."

13) This guy, who says it with Nicholas Cage

12) This guy, who's too old for this sh*t

11) This teacher, who knows what fonts she likes

Ok, Wingdings it is.

10) This guy who's sick of people giving marks for 50/50 guesses...

9) This artist, who really knows how to modify a penis

Hopefully they were kind enough to draw the flower before the bee. Terrifying.

8) This person, who likes a creepy essay about cereal killers to have illustrations

"Not so cheery now are you, you awful Wheetos rip-off".

7) This person, who believes the stationary should reflect the quality of the work

6) This person, who's sick of people who find her voice so soothing they fall asleep

To be fair to the student, this has happened a lot more since the chairs were replaced with hammocks.

5) This person, who knows their planets and their Beyoncé lyrics

And never shall the two be confused.

4) This person, who somewhat dislikes marking

3) This person, who knows something about F7 that we don't know...

Also science.

2) This guy, whose health is being affected by your bullsh*t

1) This teacher, who isn't afraid of putting a bullet through a cartoon bear's head

"Bullshit the bear is dead."