Supermarket to sell burgers made from shockingly disgusting beef substitute

Saturday afternoon, you are hungover. You need to cook something quick and unhealthy to fight the hangover from the night before. What do you make? Burgers, obviously.

A bit of processed beef between two bits of bread and a slice of cheese while you sit on the sofa, watching shit telly with a headache. That is what Saturday afternoons are for!

So how would you feel if you go open the fridge, pull out these burgers and find out what they are made from?

A swiss retailer called Coop is launching a new range of burgers and meatballs made of Mealworms!

It is meant to be part of an attempt to introduce more 'planet-friendly' alternatives to the meat we consume on a daily basis. The burger is pictured below:

They are teaming up with Essento, who are marketing insects as an alternative source of meat. They claim that flourworm farming has a lower global warming potential – measured in kilos of carbon dioxide released per kilo of protein produced– than conventional sources.

It's warming potential is twice less than milk, 2.5 times less than pork, 1.8 times less than chicken, and 8.5 times less than beef.

These are the mealworm meatballs:

Is it worth it? If you are a vegetarian, does that include insects?