Supermarket punch-up over £1 pie

Sainsbury's £1 pie

This story makes us angry, really angry. Because if there’s a fight in a supermarket over a £1 chicken pie, we want to be there. We’d probably start chanting too. Sorry not sorry.

Here’s the low down. Polly-Victoria Turner and her aunty went to pick up a pie at Sainsbury’s in Torquay. All good so far, stories about pies are the best. But it all kicked off when a few people wanted a particularly tasty chicken pie in the reduced section. A scuffle happened, and then a woman pinned her aunt to the floor and pulled her hair, before other shoppers got involved and broke it all up.

A witness said the two women were fighting ‘like savages’ on the floor (We’re on the pie’s side).

Miss Turner said she was defending herself: “My daughter was hysterical. She thought I was going to die. I suffered a split lip and bruising to my arms. Around six to ten men tried to get to get them off me… but they left their newborn child in a car seat on top of a trolley and walked away and left her there for a while.” Spietful.

The police got involved, because solving the case of ‘The £1 pie fight’ is a better way to spend police time, that catching killers. Where’s Sherlock when you need him? They are searching for a woman wearing Wellington boots and a green coat and a man in a farmer's hat, so if you spot any angry pie eating farmers, give them a shout.