Students Union vote for this cat to be their president, in landslide victory

Susu the cat has been elected honorary president of the University of Southampton's Student Union.

Susu was just a stray when she wondered on to the University's Highfield Campus back in 2002. Now, 14 years later, the feline has been voted to the office of president of the student union in a landslide victory.

Susu will take her place as honorary president of the union later this year, after winning by 176 votes to 86 on a platform of Free Hugs (the same platform which saw Winston Churchill lose the election of 1945).

President Eisenmeower or Fidel Catstro?

Time will tell what kind of president Susu the cat will be when she takes office, but student newspaper Wessex Scene reports that Susu argued she offered "stability and security" to student politics at an important time in student politics:

"Susu is the perfect example of a student too – naps, snacks, and wanting affection. And as argued by Susu at their AGM, she ‘is already fulfilling an important duty by being detached from Union politics, thus providing stability and security’" reporter Carly-May Kavanagh wrote.

Bridie Pearson-Jones, another reporter for Wessex Scene, suggested that the cat would need a new, more presidential name, following her election victory. She suggests:

"President Eisenmeower, Barack Opawma, Hilary Kitton, Bill Kitton or Jimmy Catter" if her reign is benevolent.

Or, if her reign turns ugly:

"Pussolini, Margaret Scratcher, Chairman Meow, Fidel Catstro or Kitler"

Susu, pictured here drinking water like she thinks she's people, has not yet made her policy on disaffiliation from the NUS clear.

"Always there for students"

The cat has lived on campus for almost 14 years now, offering advice and receiving belly rubs for well over a decade. Last year she excelled in her role of mascot on University Challenge, cementing her position as the most respected cat on campus.

"SUSU makes everyone that much happier, and her election as honorary president just goes to reflect the outstanding effect she’s had on students – always there for their de-stressing needs," Wessex Scene said of the victory.

Her reign will begin later this month.

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