Students try to ban "manipulative" Cameron from university

Students are trying to get David Cameron banned from the University of Manchester campus, to protect "vulnerable" teenagers from the "dangerous Tory".

The University of Manchester Students Union will debate and vote on a motion to ban David Cameron from University grounds in order to "protect" students from his "manipulation" next week.

If the motion passes, the Prime Minister of the UK will be banned from visiting the Manchester Student Union buildings and all University campus grounds.

"Zero students voted Tory"

An unknown student has tabled the motion for debate on the 14th of April, asking for the former Oxford student to be banned from the Manchester campus.

In the motion they claim that the Conservative leader is a "dangerous Tory" and claimed that he was "a Tory steamroller which is destroying the NHS and destroying the United Kingdom and also Europe."

The motion, which has been approved for a debate and vote by the Manchester Students' Union, reads:

“David Cameron and his right-wing Tory government were elected by a minority of the electorate."

“Zero students voted Tory. Therefore, we must make a stand against this undemocratic regime by banning David Cameron and his Tory government from our democratic Students’ Union and our university campus."

“In addition, David Cameron has continually violated the safe-space policy by implementing changes to junior doctors’ NHS contracts."

“We must fight back against the Tory steamroller which is destroying the NHS and destroying the United Kingdom and also Europe."

“Also David Cameron has said we should vote to stay in the EU, but he is a Tory and therefore he must have lied."

Other votes to be discussed include banning beef from SU restaurants to prevent global warming.

If visiting the University of Manchester students union bar is on David Cameron's bucket list, boy is he going to be pissed.

Full debate

Naa Acquah, general secretary at the University of Manchester Students’ Union told Manchester Evening News that they encouraged their students to get involved in the debate:

"The recent idea which has been submitted by a student to ban David Cameron is an example of us as a union allowing students to openly submit their ideas and policies to our democratic structure.

"As a Students’ Union, we are committed to empowering our students to shape what the union does or believes by participating in our democratic structures."

“This idea was submitted by one of our students - rather than the Students’ Union as an organisation - but we have established a place for students to debate any topic that they feel is important to them and I would encourage any University of Manchester student to get involved in these debates and shape relevant policies.”

David Cameron is unable to attend the debate, and may soon be unable to attend the University altogether.