Students' racist instagram manages to piss off the entire internet

Three students have managed to offend the entirety of the internet with one racist Instagram.

In today's face palm, 'what were you thinking?' news, three girls have managed to anger the whole internet with a poorly thought out Instagram caption.

In a now-deleted post, American Neuroscience student McKell Kellog posted the following photo of her with her friends in China:

Credit The Tab

The photo was accompanied by an absolutely horrific caption that screamed 'WHITE PRIVILEGE', reading:

"Since I'm in China, I'll speak to you in Chinese: Kung fu Panda, wonton, fri rice, neehow, egg roll, Jacky Chan, Mulan, chopsticks, bamboo, Shi Shi."

Can you imagine the brazen ignorance it takes to spend a shed-load of cash, fly to China, get a most-likely native person to take your photo and then OFFEND THEIR CULTURE with said photos caption? Mind blowing.

I mean...

The post was then picked up on Twitter, and people were NOT happy:

Since the post has gone viral, some people have even emailed the girls' university to voice their disgust at their ignorant insensitivity:

Both the girls and the university have yet to respond to these criticisms, but at the moment it seems unlikely that there will be any consequences.