Student's parents stop paying her tuition for dating a black guy, so her friends stepped in

A teenager from Memphis, Tennessee was cut off by her parents, who were refusing to pay her tuition fees because she was dating a black student.

Allie Dowdle, a private school student (with a reported GPA of 4.0) said she had been seeing Michael Swift discreetly, behind her parents back for a while before they found out.

Upon finding out, her parents decided to no "longer support her future". Dowdle claims they took her car away as well as her phone, while also refusing to continue paying her tuition fees.

Her father, Bill Dowdle, insists that while it is not "preferable" for her to be dating a black man due to the biracial dating problem in the South, cutting her off "was never about race". He says he is not a racist and that his daughter's comments are "a justification and gave her the moral high ground."

He gave the reason for his disapproval to Michael as that he started dating his daughter in secret and that she kept their relationship from them.

Allie never gave the reason as to why she kept the relationship a secret.

After being cut off, Allie started a GoFundMe page and it has done well, already surpassing the target of $10,000.

On the page she explains the situation, apologises to her family, but stays strong:

Even though the page has become a success by raising a ridiculous amount of money, she has come under some criticism in the comments:

It looks like Allie and Michael are still together. Good luck to them.