10 students saving money with this "toilet hack"

A lot of students end up stealing toilet roll from uni at some point. It's part of your £9,000 fees, right? These students, however, have serious toilet roll theft problems.

10) This soggy-roll stealer

"Saved time for you, it's been pre-damped."

9) This clubbing bog roll pincher

"Can you afford to go out tonight?"

"I can't afford not to go out tonight - I've been holding in a deuce for a week."

8) This lady, who'd rather use sandpaper than buy bog roll


"Are... are you sure you don't want to buy some?"

"I made my choice AGHAAGHH. F@%. ARGH"

7) This monster

"You monster. How will the library folk do their procrasti-poops?"

6) This mystery thief

"Never you mind why."

"You were making a sword, weren't you?"

"... Yes."

5) These people, who are presumably using her cupboard / fridge space as a toilet

"If anything, I find kitchen roll a little too absorbent."

4) This ambitious thief, storing it up for some kind of toilet emergency

"You'll thank me on 'raw chicken Wednesday', you mark my words."

3) This possible burglar

"Should we arrest her?"

"She said may or may not, boys. Legally, we couldn't touch her in a million years."

2) This unforgivable flatmate

Don't steal f*cking Andrex, people. Not cool.

1) This person, who went for an extremely cheeky Nando's

Do not order the extra hot sauce in this branch of Nandos.

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