Police intervene after student champagne ball "gets out of hand"

Police have had to intervene at a Durham University "champagne society ball" after it got out of hand, and people began to "openly have sex with each other," "vomit on officers and coaches," and "run naked into the lake."

Police were called to the event when it spiralled out of control, probably due to the fact that everyone was given two bottles of champagne on arrival, and there was a huge amount of money behind the bar.

Before long, and after alleged use of cocaine, it wasn't long before there was vomit on police officers and naked students in the freezing cold lake.

Quite the party, in other words.

Videos from the night, now removed from Youtube, show students necking champagne straight from the bottle like it's Lucozade Sport.

And firing it off like it's a supersoaker.

Cultured beginnings

The society was initially set up in 2011 to introduce students to the "culture of champagne drinking" - as if Durham students needed the extra lessons - but the latest ball wasn't exactly a classy affair, at least according to the police.

Students were escorted back to their halls and accommodation by police officers, saving them money on taxis. Of those who made it onto coaches instead of police cars, a lot of them vommed.

Surprisingly, no-one vommed on the bumper cars.

Apart from massive hangovers, no real harm seems to have been done. Sam Dale, deputy academic registrar for Durham University, said:

"We had concerns about student safety at the Champagne Society summer ball and we shared these with the Students' Union."

"We are pleased that they have since taken appropriate action."

Sounds like a good night.