Student gets drunk, adds hers maths teacher on Facebook. Massively regrets it.

At some point after you've left school, you're going to wonder about your old teachers.

What are they up to this days? Are they really that annoyed by untucked shirts in real life? If you ever met up with them, would they insist on you calling them "sir"?

No matter how curious you get, however, under no circumstances should you add them on Facebook and then spend the evening messaging them whilst drunk.

"Are you drinking?"

Anna Porter, a student in Manchester, chose to spend a large chunk of Saturday night drunkenly messaging her old maths teacher.

She had added her maths teacher, Mr Gaskill, on Facebook and apparently her and her friends couldn't resist sending a barrage of messages, videos and pictures to him whilst drunk.

She also tried to ring him and coax him out to Rev, which he appears to have declined.

Anna regretted her messages massively the next day and posted the exchange to twitter.

She started off with a strong "Hey sir" accompanied by a picture of herself and a friend making faces at the camera.

Followed by many more pictures, despite not receiving a response.

Finally, she issued an ultimatum to him: You can end this right now if you just say one of your catchphrases.

Unfortunately, "I'm in bed trying to get some sleep" is not one of his catchphrases, so the messages continued. At this point they invited him to Revs (in Manchester).

Then followed it up with one of his catchphrases, followed by a call and yet more pictures.

When she woke up the next day and found her messages, she regretted them a lot.

But that wasn't the end of her embarrassment. A friend tweeted out a video which they also sent to her maths teacher, of them doing an impression of one of his catchphrases: "SIIIMOOOOON, GET YOUR HEAD OFF THE DESK"...

The tweets have since gone viral. People have largely been enjoying her life choices, and speculating that she's all they're going to be talking about in the staff room today.