Students left disgusted by what they find in their milk carton

Students at a high school in New York were shocked and sickened by what they found in their milk carton, rather than the delicious milk they expected.

In a video that has made the rounds on both YouTube and Reddit, you can hear the students exclaim how disgusting the contents are as they pour it out onto their lunch tray.

Watch the video below.

The milk was obviously meant to be chocolate flavoured, hence the colour, but the consistency of the milk that was supposed to be in date for another few days after the video was uploaded, is enough to make you feel very ill.

One Reddit user weighed in with their opinion about what had happened to the milk:

“As a dairy worker. This is what happens when you leave milk out for over 6 hours then try to refrigerate it. The milk is curdled, then cooled down. That best before date is a guess at best. In my experience, well stored milk lasts even longer than the best before date before even starting to smell, but poor handling can spoil it much faster.”