Students create wheelchair for disabled kitten

Two 17 year old high school students have designed and built a kitten wheelchair to help this kitten walk again, after seeing a post on Facebook by an animal shelter asking for help.

Cassidy the kitten was found several months ago, stumbling around a Canadian forest (presumably after fighting off several bears) and near starvation. He had somehow managed to survive alone in the Canadian forest for 9 weeks, and weighed less than one pound when he was brought into the cat sanctuary Tiny Kittens.

Depressingly, the sanctuary believe Cassidy’s mother accidentally chewed off his legs when trying to chew through the umbilical chord. The wounds then developed an E. coli, and he lost both his legs.

But with the help of 3D printing, he is now walking again with the aid of wheels, thanks to two 17 year old high school students, as this unbearably cute video shows.

Watch the kittenses live

Tiny Kittens put a call out on Facebook to see if anybody might help them make a wheelchair or sling for Cassidy. Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker saw the post and immediately thought - that cat needs some goddamn wheels. They made them and fitted them, and you can now watch Cassidy’s progress through a live webcam, if you're so inclined.

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