Students cause outrage by dressing up as Smiler crash victims

Students dress as smiler victims for annual "7-legged bar crawl” event.

A group of students have caused outrage after they appeared to dress as the victims of the Alton Towers Smiler crash for an annual bar crawl.

The group, who called themselves ‘7-legless’ used cardboard boxes and foam piping to make it look as though they were riding a rollercoaster.

Some even tied their jeans at the knee to give off the impression that they were amputees.

On 2nd June 2015 16 people were injured, and two of those had to have legs amputated when two carriages of The Smiler ride at Alton Towers collided at speeds of around 50mph.

One of the victims was Joe Pugh, whose girlfriend, Leah Washington, was one of those amputees.

He has come out and criticised the group, asking “How awful and disrespectful can people get?”

He then went on to call them “disgusting.”

Why would you do this? It is just so stupid. They are university students, was there not one moment where someone said “hang on guys, is this really a good idea?”