Student's call for free birthday drinks at Spoons hilariously backfires

Nothing in life is ever truly free, unless it's your birthday, in which case you can usually scrimp something.

And nothing quite says BIRTHDAY like excessive drinking, with the only improvement being that the drinks themselves are free. So, being the top mate he clearly is, Twitter user @RoryMeep tweeted a call to action to send his mate Nick free birthday drinks via the Wetherspoons app:

The app allows you to order drinks to your table without even having to move, so Rory called upon the Twittersphere to send Nick drinks for his birthday. And of course, Twitter delivered:

People seemed to be REALLY enjoying the dairy theme:

Whilst most people were busy trolling the group, a mysterious stranger did deliver some goods:

After the brief hiatus of niceness, the trolling then continued, moving from drinks to a ROAST DINNER... except they removed all of the main components that actually make up a roast dinner. So instead the group got peas and gravy, truly stunning stuff.

Which actually the group seemed to appreciate:

Twitter clearly didn't think that the group had been fed enough, sending more, slightly eclectic food combinations:

Before swiftly moving back to random drink combinations:

Finally the group put an end to the chaos, leaving the pub after a slightly random but no doubt entertaining mix of drinks:

Just goes to show, you really can get a wealth of free shit on your birthday, all you have to do is ask. Or you can just check our list of amazing birthday freebies here.