Students asked to publicly shame "left wing professors", do some incredible trolling instead

Students in America have been asked to do something quite strange and worrying indeed.

A big and controversial website is asking uni students to “expose and document” professors who “advance leftist views”.

It's as horrifying as it sounds. The website, part of right wing group Turning Point USA, asks students to report any professors that they think are in any way left wing. All sociology lecturers in existence, for instance.

Pictures of professors are posted, alongside (often uncorroborated) details of their thought crimes. For instance, Latham Hunter is accused of calling Frosty the Snowman sexist.

Other professors are listed for supporting pro-choice movements, or thinking that it would be more dangerous if students were allowed to carry guns on campus.


So how are students reacting to being asked to report left-wing professors to the website? By trolling the hell out of it, of course.

Most students have been reporting fake professors from fiction, including Harry Potter professors and The Doctor from Doctor Who. After all, Doctor Who has been on most people's watchlist fro quite some time now.

People have been tweeting out screenshots of their fake reports and submitting them to twitter. Here are a few of the funniest ones, out of the hundreds that have already been submitted.