Student's amazing long shot into a bin wins his class an A on their quiz

student paper ball exam

By Daniel Khalili-Tari

Dr Christopher Callam, an Ohio State University professor promised his class he would give them all an A on their chemistry test, if a pupil from the upper balcony row of the rather large lecture hall could successfully throw a ball of paper into a bin placed at the front of the class.We all wish that there was a shortcut to acing your exams, usually there’s nothing you can do to get around doing your reading and actually attending lectures, but for one chemistry class their classmate’s throwing arm ensured that they all received a top grade.

Student Vinny Forte, accepted the challenge and threw the paperball directly into the bin to the celebrations of his class. A video posted on Reddit captured the class's uproar:

Mad skillz, right?

A user on the forum said Dr Christopher Callam makes the bet every year: "I had him for general chemistry two years ago. He makes this bet every semester and makes somebody random from the top row of the lecture hall take the shot,' Boccit wrote.

Before you start thinking this is all a bit unfair, the quiz is only actually worth three percent of the students' final grade, so Vinny getting the ball of paper into the bin hasn’t actually ensured they all graduate with a first. Boo.

Now, do you start this year’s revision early, or start working on your aim and move to Ohio?

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