Students advised not to dress like Kim Kardashian for graduation in "sexist" post

You work for three or four years; you sacrifice time, energy and money towards that final goal of getting that certificate, your degree.

The whole process is mind-numbing, stress-inducing and soul-crushing. But when you finally get those results and find that you have indeed graduated, you want to celebrate in the biggest way.

The day comes about when you receive the recognition, graduation day. You want to look your best so you spend a long time trying to find the best outfit.

The last thing you want is people telling you what to wear, you have worked hard for this moment you should be able to do whatever the hell you want, wearing whatever the hell you want.

Well, Queens University in Belfast has told the female graduates to dress like "Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian" in a post that has angered a lot of their students.

In a guide called 'Style tips for graduation week: Wear it well,' former student Thom Dickerson says "short skirts and cleavage on show are out of the question. Think Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian."

He even suggests that if you are planning on dressing like the reality star, then to bring an extra set of clothes and "change before heading out."

This has caused quite a stir among students and professors alike, with Queens' law professor Alex Schwartz asking what is wrong with the Uni's PR team:

The guide has since been removed from their site.

Students should be able to just wear whatever they want. It is, after all, their day of celebration.