Student winds up his mum so much she takes drastic action

A student in school has wound up his mum so much she stormed into his classroom to embarrass him.

An anonymous boy in an American High School texted his mum whilst bored, trying to wind her up. Apparently she is supersensitive to swearing and doesn't like him saying the word "hell" (even though she regularly says it herself throughout the exchange).

He eventually winds her up so much she storms into his class to embarrass the hell out of him.

After she stormed into his school, the outcome and safety of all involved is unknown.

The exchange was posted to Imgur, where everyone agrees both that:

He dun fucked up

And that

Getting that pissed when an 18 year old says hell? There have to be better things in life to stress about than that.

But be warned, next time you're trying to piss off your mum, she might follow through on her threats.