Student who wrote dissertation on the Kardashians just got her marks back

A student at a top UK university who handed in a 10,000 word dissertation on the Kardashians has come away with a first.

Eliza Cummings-Cove handed in her final year Sociology dissertation titled "Keeping up with the Kardashians: A postfeminism fairy tale" earlier this year.

The dissy, which Eliza described as "super-serious and properly academic", earned Eliza a 76. This netted her a first over all, the Mirror reports.

Eliza posted photos of herself and her dissertation she handed in earlier this year on Facebook.

Super serious and properly academic

Obviously at a top university like Durham, where Eliza studies, you can't get away with writing about the Kardashians in a non-academic fashion.

Therefore she interviewed girls about their knowledge of the Kardashians, and their views on beauty, consumerism and sexual liberation.

“The postfeminist narrative they disseminate has potentially disastrous effects for gender equality on a huge scale, and so we have to ask whether the postfeminist fairy tale is one we want to be telling our daughters,” Eliza told The Tab.

“Postfeminism is essentially what some people think is the current era of gender relations. On a broad level it claims that all of feminism’s aims have been achieved,” she explained to HuffPost UK.

The dissertation explored the postfeminist credentials of the Kardashians and their impact on women worldwide.

Just one of many postfeminist quotes from a Kardashian?

"Sort of joke"

Eliza explained that she picked the topic as a joke at first, but then she realised how the Kardashians could send feminism back to the past, and were worthy of academic study.

“I picked the Kardashians as a sort of joke but then six months went by and I realised I couldn’t really change my mind at that point.” She told The Tab.

“I used to watch [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] and be like 'Omg this is so great' and now I watch it while shouting, 'Crush the patriarchy!' It’s not ideal.”

Last year, Brunel University hosted an academic "Kimposium" exploring the cultural significance of the Kardashians, so top academics clearly agree that the family are clearly worthy of study.

The organisers said “You may love them or hate them, but the Kardashian family must be examined."

"They may be vacuous and bland when they open their mouths, but they are also very powerful. It is silly to think this subject is not worthy of academics’ attention."

Some of her friends, however, were less convinced than Brunel Universty.

"Generally, my friends think it’s completely ridiculous." Eliza told the Tab.

"A Law finalist at Durham, told me: 'Every time I see your stupid title it makes me sad'."


Eliza is now planning on writing a book based on her thesis, and is currently pondering whether to include the cast of Geordie Shore as part of the book.

Eliza said: "I love watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians - it's getting increasingly interesting from a gender point of view," she told The Mirror.

"The relationship between women and their partners, ex partners and, in Rob's case, their brother is a really interesting complex."

"I now need to decide whether I'm just going to focus on the Kardashians or include the cast of Geordie Shore.

"The women on it are really feminine in some aspects but are quite masculine in the way they behave and how they act in relationships and looks at the idea of what constitutes a 'Geordie' woman."

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