Student wears his girfriend's shoes so that she can go to uni

The internet has fallen in love with a student who made the ultimate sacrifice so that his girlfriend could go to uni: He wore her sandals for the day.

Vanessa is a student at the University of Hawaii. One day last week, stressed out by exams, she arrived at uni only to realise she was wearing her sandals. Which isn't ideal footwear when you're studying chemistry and have a lab session.

Fortunately, her boyfriend Mark was around and gave her his shoes, and wore hers instead of his own.

Also fortunately, they have the exact same sized feet.

No shoes no entry

Without shoes, Vanessa's professor said she wasn't allowed in.

“When I realized that I wasn’t wearing the proper attire (my professor is really strict on dress code), instead of driving all the way back home to get shoes, Mark insisted that I take his,” she told Buzzfeed News.

“He’s always doing things for me so that I don’t have to, like carrying my backpack and laptop or walking across campus to print out our homework."

People online are all either saying how great he is, or pointing out how tiny his feet are, and how cute they look in sandals.

Fortunately, Mark is proud of his tiny feet. He told Buzzfeed:

“I have small feet and I’m proud,"

And he definitely is. Although after all the attention he received, he has updated his twitter bio to apologise about the size of his feet.