Student victim of "vile racist" slur written on her bananas in halls

The University of Warwick have launched an investigation after a student tweeted a photo of racist slurs someone had written onto her bananas in marker pen in her halls of residence.

Faramade Ifaturoti posted a picture of the racist slurs to her twitter page, which she believes was done by one of her flatmates.

A Warwick spokesperson told HuffPost UK that this had been escalated instantly, and that “The head of accommodation is personally investigating this complaint."

However Faramade is disappointed that it took this long, and the attention the tweet has received to get the University to respond to the complaint.

Appalling images

The Warwick Students Union said they had a zero tolerance position towards racist behaviour:

"The Sabbatical Officer team has just been made aware of the appalling images currently being circulated online which depict an instance of racism in a campus accommodation block.

"Warwick SU has a zero-tolerance policy on racist behaviour. We unequivocally condemn this shocking and disgusting act, which should clearly have no place in either our University or society at large."

"We have reached out to the student affected by this episode and have contacted the University to offer further support. Should a formal complaint be raised regarding a specific individual's conduct, the SU will of course treat it as a matter for urgent disciplinary action."

They also tweeted, calling the incident a "vile racist attack"

Ifaturorti has mentioned other incidents on her Twitter account in the past, writing in February:

She is understandably extremely upset by the incident, expressing her shock that things like this still happen today.

The University are currently investigating the incident, which has taken place during the University's Easter Holiday.