Student is way too honest with excuse for late work, tutor reacts brilliantly

Late on a Sunday night Rachel Harriman sat there, staring at her synopsis. She had to hand it in the next day and things weren't going well.

Then her boyfriend broke up with her. Needless to say, that essay wasn't getting done. She was far too distracted by becoming single when she wasn't expecting to be.

So, rather than make up an excuse, or do a half-assed, tear-filled job on her assignment, she decided to do something drastic. She decided to be entirely honest with her tutor about the situation.

So at 3:17 AM she sent him this email.

Her extremely honest email to her tutor, and her assurance to her tutor that nobody would break up with her next Sunday when her next assignment was due, went viral on twitter.

Where people are jealous of her email skills.

And offered to slap her ex...

But what did her lecturer make of it? Far from being uncomfortable, he did the classic tutor trick of replying with a couple of short sentences.

And even better, he didn't even mark her down for the assignment being late.

“I got a B+ on the assignment." She told Buzzfeed News. "He did not take off any points for it being late."