Student Union in a whole heap of trouble after 'racist' poster

A Student Union is in hot water after making former One Direction star Zayn Malik one of the faces for Black History Month.

Kent Union also included London Mayor, Sadiq Khan in their campaign, even though neither are black or have black heritage.

The Union faced backlash from users on Twitter, with some labelling it "downright offensive". Another user pointed out that it is "black history month, not a generic ethnic minority free for all."

The general view is that the Pillowtalk singer is not worthy of being involved, because a) he is not black, he is half Pakistani and half white; and b) he hasn't had the same impact as the others, such as Sir Trevor McDonald and Dame Kelly Holmes.

Kent Union have since taken down the posts and apologised, releasing this statement:

It is amazing how they are supposed to be at University, but they are stupid enough to make this mistake.