Student tricks Ed Sheeran into signing absence note for school

A student has tricked Ed Sheeran into signing her absence note, after she skipped her classes to attend one of his gigs.

Suzy was attending an Ed Sheeran gig in a city she didn't live in. In order to do so, she had to miss school so she could travel to and from the gig. It would have gone down as an unauthorised absence, were it not for her cunning plan.

She had designed an absence note on Ed Sheeran's behalf, and was going to hang around and make him sign it.

After the gig, Suzy desperately hung around waiting for Mr Sheeran to leave, and pounced at her chance. He obliged.

She successfully managed to get Ed Sheeran, rumoured to be the eighth squib child of Molly and Arthur Weesley, to sign the note without reading it.

Which is a shame, because the letter he signed is hilarious.

The letter reads:

"I sincerely apologize for causing Suzy to miss school, come into school late, for disrupting class with her talk about me and for causing her to miss some of your classes for the past several years."

"Please excuse Suzy from any classes or classwork she missed because I’m actually more important. Regards, Ed Sheeran."
"PS. I will definitely do it again and I am not sorry whatsoever"

People were impressed.

She also managed to meet him, before heading off to face the music at school the next day.