Student tests positive for drugs (wrongly), mum goes batshit, forced to apologise with cake

A student has shared the time she was drug tested (voluntarily) at school, only to be given a false positive.

Former student Rachel was asked to take a voluntary drugs test by her mum, after she was acting weird. Rachel's school did these tests themselves, so that's who ended up conducting it.

@NathanLee part of it was a private school and part of it was an alternative school so they offered optional drug testing for us — rachel (@whxsper) September 26, 2016
@NathanLee "us" being the private school kids. My mom thought I was acting weird so she asked them to drug test me. She never did that again — rachel (@whxsper) September 26, 2016

Unfortunately, the school gave her false positives for meth, heroine, thc and barbituates.

But before the school figured out it was a false positive, her mum had already gone bat-shit crazy at her, and researched rehab facilities...

PS in the time it took for them to realize they fucked up, she had an emotional breakdown and started researching different rehab facilities — rachel (@whxsper) September 25, 2016

...Leaving her now red-faced mum with no other option other than to bake a "sorry we thought you did meth" cake.

Here's Rachel's story as she tells it...

Cake heals all

Rachel seems to think that a cake more than makes up for her mum immediately assuming she was into heroin, meth, cannabis, barbituates and benzos.

Others are less convinced.

@imaginarymargo It would take more than a cake to regain my trust after that. — OneHorseShay (@OneHorseShay) September 25, 2016

She's less forgiving of the school.

@OneHorseShay @imaginarymargo it wasn't that deep, I knew she was sorry. Still pissed at the school though — rachel (@whxsper) September 25, 2016
@whxsper @imaginarymargo You have to remember the ones that run schools are actually on average the least educated & intelligent people. — OneHorseShay (@OneHorseShay) September 25, 2016

Maybe the school should send a cake.