Student takes completed thesis on one last romantic day out before handing it in

A student has taken his thesis on a day out, to say goodbye to the document he's spent so much time with.

Ex-student Morris Vanegas took the piece of work to the park, to the lake and for several beers before saying a painful goodbye, handing in his beloved to be marked.

“To my lovely thesis, whom I had to turn into MIT today,” Morris wrote, after handing it in.

“You made me a better person, pushing me through all obstacles when I felt weak. Your sense of humour is just like mine. It’s like we were always on the same page. I hope to see your face again soon, in the references section of future works on space suits.”

Before he handed it in, this was the romantic day the two shared.

First he took it to the park

And fed it milk. Theses love milk.

Then he took it for a beer to get the thesis drunk one last time

And laughed at some shared jokes. Then they probably drank a little too much...

Because then it got creepy as he attached the thesis to a wire-frame body in the science department. At this stage it looked like he wanted to make love to his thesis one last time.

But, thankfully, they sobered up instead with a coffee. Narrowly avoided an awkward morning afterwards, there.

Instead, they spent some more time hanging out by a pillar, sharing a milkshake.

And spent some time in the sun.

With that, the painful moment came to say goodbye. He handed over his document, and walked away in tears.

His thesis was about variability in sensors used for space suits, and he hopes to one day be an astronaut (judging by his Imgur name "iwanttobeanastronaut").

It's unclear what he'll do now to get over his separation anxiety, though one commenter suggested it was time to move on.

"I'm glad your thesis is finished," they said.

"You really need human interaction."

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