Student starts GoFundMe page to raise money so she can leave "disgusting, slug-infested flat"

A student at Nottingham University has started a crowd-funding page to raise £4,800 so she can leave her flat, which is full of slugs!

Chantelle Fairburn, 21, needs the money to pay off the rest of the tenancy, which runs until September 2017.

She claims the flat has made her ill and has even brought back her asthma.

Speaking to the University newspaper, The Tab, she said:

"I've been feeling worse and worse the longer I've lived there. I haven't been able to sleep and I've been struggling to eat.
"The heating doesn't work, it's mouldy and damp and there are slugs which is disgusting."

She said when she looked at the place for the first time, she couldn't see the extend of the problems because "it was dark."

But once she moved in, there were a list of things wrong:

“I discovered upon moving in that the electric heater did not work, the microwave was rusty and unhygienic, the intercom was broken, the toilet seat was cracked, and there were signs of mould in the bathroom.
“I also found a slug in the bathroom, and then came across a tub of slug killer in the kitchen cupboard. I don’t know why this didn’t alarm me more, I think I was too wrapped up in the idea of having my own place for the first time and being independent.
“I also began finding slugs near the fridge and cupboards, and after an influx of spiders I discovered that there were large gaps between the cupboard skirting boards and the bottom of the cupboards, allowing both the slugs and the spiders in.”

She also shared images of the slimy infestation:

Because she has signed a contract, there is not much she can do to get out of it, apart from paying the remaining payments all at once.

"Students are often taken advantage of when it comes to accommodation, I’ve heard many horror stories and I know that my mine, unfortunately, will not be the last. I created the GoFundMe campaign out of sheer desperation because this situation is taking up all of my energy, I’m struggling to sleep and I can’t concentrate."

Chantelle plans on reporting the letting agent to Unipol and the ombudsman.

The page has so far raised £89, of the total.