Student spotted cutting her hair in lecture like she literally gives no f*cks whatsoever

There are people you meet in lectures who you think "that student gives absolutely no f*cks whatsoever".

You know the type. They show up, late, drinking from a suspicious bottle and watching Youtube in secret on their phone.

You know, these types of people...

Then there are people who give zero f*cks about letting you know they give a lot of f*cks...

And then there's this student, who was spotted cutting her hair in her lecture like it ain't no thing.

The student, who reportedly gives no f*cks whatsoever, was spotted at the University of Reading in a Chemistry lecture. Fairly near the front, in full view of the lecturer and the many other people who noticed.

She even looks like she's doing a good job of it.

Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened, and many many people are perfectly happy to sit in a lecture, cutting their hair and letting the lecturer know that "you know what - what you're saying is so uninteresting that I have enough concentration left over to cut my own hair, spectacularly well I might add, without the aid of a mirror".