Student spends £700 after Sunday trip to pub out gets out of hand

A student has spent over £700 in 24 hours after a Sunday trip to the pub got out of hand.

Dexter Panashe ended up taking a spontaneous trip to Magaluf after a quiet Sunday pub drink ended up being a messy one.

Whilst in Magaluf, however, he remembered he had a presentation to give the following day, and being a good student he flew back almost immediately, less than 24 hours after he decided to fly to Spain in the first place.

He even ended up spending £260 on a taxi in order to get back to his lecture on time. This guy takes lectures extremely seriously.

Drinks + access to passport = spontaneous trip to Magaluf.

Panashe by name, panache by nature

The Northumbria University student went to the pub with his friends on Sunday at 11pm for a "couple of drinks". That turned into a few more drinks, and at 3am during a game of pool, he asked his friends if they fancied going to Magaluf.

Rather than saying "no thanks, Dexter, that's obviously a terrible idea" or "maybe in the summer", his friends said yes. At 4am they headed back home to collect their passports, before getting a cab to Newcastle Airport.

At 9.35am Dexter and two friends boarded a plane to Spain, spending £177 on a one way ticket. They arrived an hour later, took a taxi to Magaluf and got a triple room in the hotel, costing them them 55 Euros, before hitting the pool.

After briefly having fun in the Magaluf sun, Dexter remembered he had a presentation to give in a lecture the following day, and headed back to the airport at 6pm.

Unfortunately the only flight available was to Manchester, so Dexter ended up going to Manchester and spent £260 on a taxi from Manchester to Newcastle, because Uber won't go that far.

Whilst most people obviously think he is a living legend, others have questions.

Whilst his friends were less impressed.

A few hours sleep, £260 cab ride, no regrets

The 20 year old business student finally got back to his house at 3am on, less than 24 hours after he'd decided to go to Spain. With a presentation to give at 9am, he got as much sleep as he could before heading off to deliver it in his sleep-deprived state.

A few hours later he checked his bank balance, and discovered he'd spent over £700. Despite this, he told the Chronicle Live that he has no regrets.

“I’m pleased I did it; I’m in a great place in my life just now."

“Maybe in a few days when I check my bank account I might feel differently, but right now I’d like to do it all over again.”

In total, Dexter spent 8 hours in Spain (including the taxi rides).