Student spends 2 hours doing presentation, realises he's misheard the topic

In probably the biggest f*ck up of 2016, a student spent over 2 hours working on a project before realising he'd misheard the topic.

John Doyle is a student and self-proclaimed "deadass". He was asked by his teacher to do a presentation with his friend Patrick Devlin on the topic of Youth in Asia.

At least that's what he thought for two whole hours. Then he realised he'd done some mishearing.

Yep, John, from Ireland, and his friend got two hours deep into a project on Youth in Asia: A Crisis before they realised they should have been doing a presentation on assisted dying.

Quite how neither student realised their mistake earlier on is unclear, but John insists it's an easy mistake to make...

... even though it isn't.

Several other people have since claimed they too made this "common" mistake.

The two had to redo their philosophy project, but accidentally got an A in Geography for their initial attempt.*