Student sends housemates massive list of demands (before they've even met)

A student has sent a massive list of demands to her future housemates, before they even met.

Ashly, who will begin studying at UCLA later this month, sent a big list of aggressive demands about what bunk and desk should be hers to her future roommates via email. The list of demands has since gone viral, after her future roommate Winnie Chen shared it on Twitter.

Email 1

The first email reprimands Winnie and Guistinna for not responding to a previous email, before going on to inform her new roommates exactly which bunk and desk she was taking.

Email 2

Guistinna replied to the email, addressing her points, but also massively escalating the situation, because why not? It's not like you have to live in the same room with them for a whole year...

Email 3

In the third email, Ashly both apologises and describes herself as "really chill" and "a ticking time bomb" with anger issues.

At least they will now all have something to talk about when they get to college, after Winnie's tweet accidentally went viral...