Student sends hilarious email to her lecturer after having wisdom teeth out

There are many videos of people spouting off rubbish in the aftermath of having their wisdom teeth out. These are just two examples:

But no one has messaged his or her university lecturer while high on the medication, until now.

After having her wisdom teeth removed last week, 19-year-old Abbey Jo Hamele became famous on twitter for the hilarious email she sent her Philosophy teaching assistant. It is brilliant in its hilarity, but the grammar and spelling are shocking.

She was convinced she was late handing an assignment in so she emailed the TA begging for an extension, using her medication and procedure as an excuse.

What is more, in a slightly sadder twist to the tale, she holds her current dog, named Daisy but thinks it is her previous dog Sammy who had sadly passed away. It was filmed by her sister, who thought she would upload that also and add insult to injury.

Fair play to her for having a sense of humour about it all. What these people do while on these meds are always golden.