Student sells knickers online and makes £100 a month

It's not easy being a student. You don't have enough money and you've probably got a load of washing to do, which means you are living in a mess. Well, a student has figured out a way of dealing with this by killing two birds with one stone and selling her dirty knickers to strangers on the internet.

Save The Student conducted a National Student Money Survey, and the 21 year old student from Hampshire (who wanted to remain anonymous) about it how she started selling her used knickers by signing up to an underwear trading website, which had a £15 monthly fee. She soon found that there were other personal things that people were selling including 'almost every type of bodily fluid'.

She explained: “Almost immediately, I was contacted by individuals who were after some of my products, and I quickly saw there were a lot more options than just underwear. Many members were also selling custom photos and videos, other items of worn clothing, and other more personal items. Almost every type of bodily fluid seemed to be in demand.”

Making £100 a month by selling just one or two items a week, Jenny explained how it meant she didn’t have to ask her parents to help out, adding that she could have been making much more: “I’ve done a few webcam shows, because you earn more money that way. I charged between £1 to £2 per minute but, in the end, wasn’t comfortable showing my face.

“I have worried that it may not be safe, but was careful to not include any personal information. Overall, there hasn’t been anything too worrying happen, and it’s very easy to block individuals you feel may be inappropriate or dangerous.”

With sending such intimate items in the post, the student said she was always careful to never include any personal information.