Student sees girl carrying hamster, asks to pet it. But it's not a hamster.

Every now and then, walking around outside, you see someone with a cute dog or some sort of well-trained cat. It's always awkward knowing the etiquette.

Should I ask the owner's permission to pet the dog? Should I ask the dog's permission to pet the dog? If the dog looks like it likes me more than the owner, does that make the dog mine?

It's always awkward, and you sort of wish the owner wasn't there so you can have some alone time with the cute puppy, without the awkward small-talk with the owner.

But spare a thought (and a moment of silence, please) for Hannah Durant, a student who saw a girl carrying a "hamster" and asked if she could pet it.

Yes. Hannah, who describes herself as a walking disaster, asked a stranger's permission to pet her muffin on Tuesday.

Picture that from the stranger's perspective. You're walking. You're holding a muffin. A girl walks up to you and asks, timidly "can I... can I pet it??" before realising it's not a hamster, screaming and running off into the distance.

As mix ups go, it's only second to dentist finger suck student.

Hannah says she still feels embarrassed about hamstergate two days on. Although she was marginally comforted by her friend yesterday, who mistook a bagel for a turtle.

People have questions though. Good questions.

But before you judge Hannah and say nobody could possibly mistake a muffin for a hamster, take a look at this muffin, discovered last year. Which is almost certainly the result of a mishap in transfiguration class.