Student saves her friend's lying ass with this convoluted selfie

A student has saved her friend's ass, using a pile of her clothes and duvets to take this convoluted selfie.

Nicole was contacted by one of her friends recently, who had an odd request. They weren't where they said they were (Nicole's house) and needed a photo of Nicole to prove that she was where she said she was (even though she wasn't).

Nicole, unfortunately, was alone, so she had no-one she could ask to take a photo of her. But that didn't stop this friend from pulling through.

Here is their text exchange...

And here is how she managed to take that convincing piece of evidence...

Nicole's tweet of her alibi has gone viral. Mega viral. So viral, there's no chance her friend and her friend's parents haven't seen this.

Most people are saying they too need a friend like Nicole. Because everyone needs an alibi every now and then.

And the rest of the internet is just annoyed that it took her so long to perfect the photo, leaving her friend alibi-less for a full hour.

Bravo though, Nicole, for saving your friend's ass. Until, of course, they see your tweets.