Student puts metal pan on his head, runs through lightning storm

A student has put a metal pan on his head and ran through a lightning storm, extremely narrowly avoiding being hit by lightning in the process.

The footage, uploaded with the simple caption "RIP Aluminium Pan Man", shows a student at the University of Texas putting a pan on his head (like a deadly, deadly hat) and then running out into the hail and lightning.

About two seconds after he steps outside, lightning strikes, setting off the alarm of a nearby car and scaring the crap out of everyone involved. Screams can be heard from the fellow student, Marissa Kirsh, who had no idea whether Pan Man had been hit.

Screams can be heard as Aluminium Pan Man runs outside. Thankfully, he survived unscathed.

Secret identity revealed

Despite the ominous title, Aluminium Pan Man survived his adventure completely unscathed. He has revealed his true identity on Twitter, confirming that he is alive and well.

A witness said "The guy under the aluminum pan was alright. His thought process was the pan would block the softball size hail we were getting. He didn't think it through…”

Aluminium Pan Man has unconfirmed plans to run through a lake filled with alligators, wearing a hat made of snakes.