Student places his glasses on art gallery floor, the inevitable happens

A student placed his glasses onto the floor of a modern art gallery. Within minutes, people started admiring the pair, and talking about how "it says something about the fragility of life" and asking "what it says about the human condition".

TJ Khayatan, 17, was visiting the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art and was unimpressed by the exhibits. Unlike most people who walk around modern art exhibits muttering "even I could do that", TJ actually decided to do that.

TJ placed his glasses on the floor, and within minutes most visitors at the museum paused to admire them.

First he placed them next to a bit of wall

Immediately one lady found them to be a wry take on modern life

"I think it says something about the throwaway culture of Specsavers."

To reiterate, she was admiring this.

Not long after that, there was a group of admirers.

Not wanting to be the person who said "I think someone lost their glasses, this isn't art" they all stood around, saying things like "I enjoy art" and and making thinking noises.

This guy said something about the way the piece made him feel, to impress the girl he was with.

"I... as a guy with emotions, lots of emotions, I find it very moving."

This guy took a snap

"Finally, a place I can take photos of glasses on the floor. They won't let me get away with this shit in Boots anymore. Banned from Boots for precisely these kind of shenanigans."

In case you were thinking "maybe there was something special about the glasses" there wasn't.

TJ left the museum, amused with himself, disappointed by the art, and briefly admiring the exit sign on the way out.

His photos of his prank have been tweeted over 40,000 times, with some people saying that maybe his prank became art and others saying:

"Modern art is f***ing stupid but it's a perfect scam to gain money from idiots."

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