Student photobombed by ice-cream stealing seagull

What’s more representative of modern British than a picture of a Mr Whippy by the seaside on Instagram. A massive seagull photobombing the picture and nicking the ice-cream of course!

Dalyntara Tara Dalyntata (@dalyntra), an international student from Thailand was capturing the perfect picture of Brighton beach when the frankly massive seagull photobombed her shot.

She said: “I travelled there because it was a long weekend with two of my friends. We ate some fresh seafood like oysters and fish.”

Just as she was going to try out the majestic 99p (you know it cost more), two seagulls came down and took the thing right out of her hands.

“I was shocked and stunned for a while, then I realised that my beloved ice cream was taken by a big seagull. I was a bit upset and angry because it happened in just three seconds! It was so fast, and yes not only one seagull, but two. My friends laughed at me and shared one bite of their ice cream… I was in no mood to eat it.

“I hope the bird took that ice cream cone too and used it to build its nest.”