Student pays off his parents' mortgage at graduation

Andy Evans, 22 did the sweetest thing possible to celebrate graduating from the University of Staffordshire last week. While most of us just get drunk and thank the heavens for scraping through, Evans only went and paid off his parents' mortgage!

The video has gone viral, and in it, you can see the video of Evans handing his mother a letter which explains what he has done.

"Today is a good day for our family, not just because of graduation but because I can finally do something I've spent five years trying to achieve", the note reads.

"I've paid off the rest of our mortgage."

After reading the message out loud, Andy's parents are visibly touched and hug their son. (Are you feeling bad about yourself yet?)

Evans decided as a teenager that he would pay for the family home as soon as he was able when they told him to follow his dreams of becoming an artist.

The graphic designer sold dozens of pieces of art work earlier this year after he was unmasked as 'Professor Pigment'.

And instead of spending the money on himself, he surprised his mum Jane and dad David, with a letter at his graduation from the University of Staffordshire last week.

The graduate told them he had paid off the remaining "few thousand" pounds on the family home, as a thanks to his hard-working parents.

Speaking to LadBible, the thrifty student said: "My parents, Jane and Dave, have always worked flat out to make sure the bills were paid and we didn't go without.

"Five years ago, there was a period where it was all getting a bit on top of them and I wanted to help out. I thought, 'there's more to life than working a 9-5'.

"I decided that if I could pay off the mortgage that would give them some breathing space and they could enjoy the more important things in life."