Student pays just £150 per month rent and food, reveals how

This student pays just £150 a month to live and eat in central London.

Phil Broadwell studies nursing at King's College London. Faced with the high rents and living costs of living in central London, he decided to look around at other cheaper options.

Eventually he found a way to get rent and food for just £150 a week, whilst also helping out in the community.

"Studio flats round here can be as much as £355 a week"

Phil, 27, is staying in a house in Willesden Green for a tiny fraction of the normal rent thanks to the "Share and Care" scheme.

He provides ten hours of support a week to a man with Alzheimer's whilst his wife is out, and in return he is given cheaper rent and board.

"I pay £150 a month and for my food. If I had a normal flat it would be £150 a week. And the studio flats round here can be as much as £355 a week." He told The Mirror.

"After one year living in student halls, I was looking for somewhere to live in Willesden Green. Being a student nurse, it was difficult to find somewhere, not least because I don’t get the full student loan."

"I heard about Share and Care through one of my friends, so I applied. I met the family before moving in and we had a chat. It’s quite a young family, where the gentleman has Alzheimer’s. That is fairly uncommon - most arrangements usually involve providing companionship for the elderly."

"Most arrangements usually involve providing companionship for the elderly."

"This kind of arrangement can suit anybody"

The nursing student says the scheme fits well around his life, as well as providing him extra money for Christmas, and saving up for his brother's wedding.

"The contract is for 10 hours a week providing support. I cook the gentleman’s dinner when his wife is out late or take him on walks. It is very easy to work around my schedule because we always sit down to discuss it every week."

"I have my own key and my own room. I don’t normally go out late but if I did it is not a problem. So I have a life."

"I spend the money I save on eating out. Also, my brother’s wedding is coming up and I am saving money for Christmas. It’s nice to have a bit of extra money to spend on people you care about."

He thinks that the scheme could suit any student looking to save money themselves, or help out others.

"This kind of arrangement can suit anybody. Even if you are just moving to a new city, you are on your own, so it’s good to have someone to talk to. And, at the end of the day, it’s nice to give someone else company."

"It feels more like family now"

Phil, who doesn't receive a full student loan, says he plans to stay for the rest of his degree and hopefully beyond that.

"I expect to stay on a bit after that, if they will let me. It’s a really good job - although it feels more like family now."

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