Student passes out, friends tape him to a chair and take him out anyway

After a student passed out during pre-drinks, a group of his friends decided to take him out anyway, and immediately reached for the duct-tape.

When they realised their friend was down for the count after drinking a few too many pre-drinks, Matty Crawford and his friends decided to take him out clubbing anyway.

Pausing only briefly to draw a penis on his face, they began duct-taping him to a chair with wheels, putting shades on him so no-one would know he was passed out.

And strapping a Yoshi to him for some reason.

"Never leave a man behind"

Unbeknownst to Scott, passed out in his chair, he then went on a full night out with his friends, who take the whole "never leave a man behind" thing very seriously indeed.

First, because they're responsible people, his friends took him to line his stomach with a burger and chips, before heading to the local to have a few more pints.

Good friends that they are, they even made a large straw by putting a bunch of other straws together, so that Scott could drink a pint despite having his arms strapped to his sides.

Scott did not wake up during any of this.

"Thanks for the chip. I'm going to smoke it, like a cigarette."

Next stop the club

Stomach unsuccessfully lined (Scott didn't wake up enough to consume a solitary chip) the group decided to actually try and hit the club.

For some reason the bouncers actually let the unconscious man, covered in penises and Yoshis and strapped to a chair against his will, into the club.

When Scott finally awoke, he found out it was his turn doing Kareoke, and was in the middle of singing "All By Myself" as a duet.

Dazed, confused, and still visibly quite drunk, he heroically belted out as much as his slurring mouth would allow.

A video of the night out has been viewed over 1.6million times on Facebook. Scott is probably now banned from pre-drinks, and as a compromise the others have hopefully agreed to a strict "no duct tape in the house" policy.

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