Student outraged by "filthy" living conditions in halls

A student has been outraged by "filthy" living conditions in university halls, complaining about loud music and often finding strangers outside her uni room.

21 year old Lauren McAuliffe moved into her halls at Manchester Metropolitan University and found "filthy" conditions in her new home. She told the Manchester Evening Standard how her new home has been "a nightmare".

£125 a week, to live in filth

The student, who is studying science and engineering, chose to live in the £125 a week student halls on the University's new £139m campus, but since arriving in she was less than pleased with what she's getting for her money.

She said she had had to deal with overflowing bins and loud music throughout the night - less than ideal study conditions.

“It is disgusting and the smell around the place is disrespectful," she told M.E.N.

“There are lots of people, so it is not going to be quiet, but you can’t concentrate because of the music, which is sometimes still bouncing at 10am or 11am.

Chaos - bins are overflowing with Deep Pan Pizza boxes, an egg shell clings to a tin of beans and on the floor lies an empty packet of Walker's Prawn Cocktail crisps. | Image via M.E.N.

Communal hellhole

Lauren shares a kitchen space with her block, as well as bathroom facilities. She said that two cleaners stopped cleaning her block in March because of the sheer mess.

“It’s put me off living in halls of residence. My brother is going to university next year and I’ve told him not to go into halls."

“I will be living on my own in a studio flat next year.”

Pit of sin

As well as the dirty conditions, Lauren has found that her fellow residents are into less than wholesome activities, and may be a bit of a safety concern.

“There is a smell of drugs. The smoke alarms have been covered up too."

“You wake up at 7am and there are people still doing drugs. I’m not a party pooper - I like going out. But these people are not normal."

“I’ve spoken to the residential officers and been on the phone to the university, but not one thing has changed. They are not doing anything about it.”

Lauren told M.E.N. that there were also security concerns - the front door has often been propped open, and she's found strangers using the facilities.

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas: Fairy lights drape across overflowing bins, with canisters of Nitrus Oxide clearly visible on the floor.

£5,000 to live in a fire hazard

Her stepdad, Peter Hill, was especially concerned by the fire safety of the place.

“I spent 22 years with the Fire Service, 10 of them in Manchester , and taping up up fire alarms is a complete no-no. It’s putting kids’ lives at risk, because that's what they are… kids."

“Both me and my wife have phoned up and been told it was sorted, but it has got worse.

“I’m not adverse to people having fun and neither is my daughter."

He told them that the University did offer to move Lauren, but the alternative was a "hovel", and the last thing she needed to do is move in her first year.

“Lauren chose Birley because it looked great on the website. She’s paying over £5,000, which is a lot, especially for what she’s getting and the state of the place.”

The halls as they're pictured on the website. Noticeable are the lack of people taking drugs, and student engaged in washing up (something rarely seen in real life).

Looking for a better place

Lauren will be relieved that the year is over, and will she can live in her own flat next term.

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