Student ordered to pay £100 to seven shop assistants after touching their bums

A student must pay £100 each to seven shop assistants after touching their bottoms and trying to flatter them.

Nottingham Magistrates' Court heard that 29-year-old Waled Sharada would say "sorry" after the incidents in women's clothes shops in the city, but then follow it up with comments such as "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You have a lovely smile."

Many of the women thought that the contact was accidental, until Sharada began telling them how beautiful they are.

In one case, he asked a female assistant for a hug and kissed her on a cheek before she pushed him away. "He said 'you are the prettiest girl I've ever seen'."

Another incident took place as a work was setting out a display cabinet. The victim said that "She felt an impact, a touch to her bottom on the right side. She turned and he said 'sorry'.

"At the time, she was unsure if it was intentional or not. He engaged her in a conversation, saying 'you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You have a lovely smile.' She walked away."

There were many other incidents like this around fashion stores in Nottingham.

Mrs Hill added: "It was a worrying and inappropriate form of behaviour.

"These ladies were in their place of work where they ought to be able to do their job without hassle. It is a very unusual form of behaviour."

Sharada admitted seven counts of sexually touching women in shops between Aug 10 and 15 last year. The court heard that all were able to point him out from an identity parade.

As well as paying £700 compensation, he was put on probation for 18 months, where he must attend a 35 day course to focus on sexual attitudes.

District Judge Tim Spruce told him. "People who work in shops are often very isolated.

"They deserve to go about their business without worrying and inappropriate behaviour. The complainants were describes as feeling vulnerable, frightened and upset.

"They don't know whether your behaviour would have gone any further. It has a lasting effect and the court has to take that into account."