Student News Mid-November Roundup

News you may have missed this November - Blogging in French will get you a graduate job, a Chinese student didn't offer to have sex with strangers in return for travel, and a student doctor at Liverpool thinks sexual assault is a good topic for a musical number. See below for more details and other student stories you may have missed.

What's the easiest way to get a graduate job? Blog in French

Good news for language graduates and the French: a study showed that French is the language most likely to get you a job (in the UK).

Blog in French become employable

The study also showed that 40% of graduates credited their success in getting their first job to blogging, a medium mainly used for documenting every thought you’ve ever had about sandwiches, and dispensing cat photos to the world.

University students pee together in harmony:

In a move that may mean nervous men never urinate again, universities around the country are instigating unisex toilets.

Universities use unisex toilets

An artist's concept drawings of the finished toilets.

Hull has been the latest university to endorse having gender neutral toilets, to be installed in the union alongside traditional gendered toilets.

Californian school texted 717 parents to tell them their children were missing.

A school in California accidentally texted 717 people to tell them their children are missing. The text had apparently been a test message which was never intended to go out. Rather than put something less alarming, such as “test” they wrote “your child is AWOL” and "not on campus", sending parents into a mass panic.

Literally anything would have been better than this, even an openly insulting “Congratulations! We’ve identified your child as the ugliest student in the entire school” text test would have caused less controversy, and would have been true for at least one child.

Or, if you want to send a test text to hundreds of people without alarming anybody, send cat facts:

cat facts

A Chinese student didn’t offer to have sex with people in return for train tickets

Ju Peng dating app hoax

Specifically this student.

Usually a student not having sex in return for train tickets would not be news, but this week it just so happens to be, after a lot of newspapers were taken in by a hoax.

The hoax, put on by “dating” app “Youjia” (similar to Tinder) claimed that Chinese student Ju Peng was offering to exchange sex for travel and expenses, essentially offering to bang her way around the world.

A surprising number of papers were willing to believe the story and print it, which shows a lazy approach to journalism, a willingness to believe students are just a trip to Barbados away from becoming prostitutes, and a strange belief that offering sex for travel is somehow notably different from offering sex for money and then using that money to buy plane tickets.

"Good Lad" workshop teaches Oxford students how to be (semi) decent human beings

The University of Oxford have been running a "Good Lad" workshop for student volunteers. The classes aim to have men discuss issues around corrosive masculine culture, and include discussions about "banter".

Follow ups to this patronisingly named "Good Lad" class may include a “Good Boy” workshop and a masterclass in “here boy, here boy, no! No! Bad boy! Not there! Do not poo on the pavement, boy.”University of Oxford Good Lad Hoax

Liverpool University student writes a musical parodying rape

A medical student shocked students at Liverpool University with a musical he wrote “parodying rape”.

The play is both a horrifying glimpse of what’s to become of the NHS if these doctors are left in charge, and a massive waste of an otherwise quite good title “James Bondage: Hymans Aren't Forever”.

Whilst there are studies showing that gallows humour can help doctors do a better job and "clowning around with body parts" used to be a rite of passage for medical students, it's going to be hard to trust doctors who've sat down with a rhyming dictionary looking up rhymes for the word "rape" which they can use then set to an upbeat musical number.

It's unsurprising that the students are now being investigated and they have caused outrage on social media. A snippet of the horrendous play can be found here. It's still somehow less offensive than Mamma Mia.

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