Student News Mid-December Roundup

Round-up time: Southampton students aim to grow Martian lettuces, Warwick students are pepper sprayed and a 17 year-old student becomes a multi-millionaire in time most students spend eating sandwiches. More below.

Southampton students plan to grow lettuce on Mars

southampton students lettuce on mars

Concept art for the project.

Largely speaking, if someone tells you they're planning on growing lettuce on Mars, you should tell them in a reassuring tone that you're seeking help immediately on their behalf.

But a group of Southampton students are planning on doing just that, and are now in the running to have their lettuce sent to Mars in 2018, aboard the MarsOne lander. They are down to the final ten in the Mars One competition, the last of the UK entries.

The Southhampton Spaceflight Society are proposing sending lettuces inside a small greenhouse chamber containing the frozen seeds, which will pressurise and heat up after landing.

If they are successful, they will be the first people to grow anything on another planet. It will also be the first confirmed lifeform on another planet.

That's right, the first confirmed lifeform to be grown on Mars could be an iceberg lettuce. Whilst lettuce may not be the most sustaining of foods it's reassuring that when we do arrive on Mars, we'll have the makings of a decent sandwich.

Otherwise the first words spoken Mars could easily be "Seriously? No lettuce at all? JUST HOW THE ACTUAL F**K AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE A BLT??", which I oddly find just as moving as the "one small step for man" speech.

You can vote for their project to win and learn more about their project at

Man wrongly accused of murder has case overturned thanks to Cardiff law students.

Law students at the University of Cardiff have had a murder conviction quashed, as part of The Innocence Project. Dwaine George had spent 12 years in jail after being convicted of murder on the evidence that gunpowder residue had been found on his coat. The students contacted a US-based gunshot residue expert, who casted doubt on the residue being used as evidence, stating that "the number and type of particles of residue found on the coat were so small so as to be at or near the level at which they could not be considered to have evidential value".

Professor Julie Price, who helps run the Cardiff project, said the students had worked for hundreds of hours on the case. Sir Brian Leveson, one of the judges who quashed the conviction, praised the students, saying they had "diligently" pursued the case and paid tribute to the society during his judgement.

Upon his release, Mr George said: “First and foremost, my thoughts go out to Daniel Dale’s family. He lost his life in this tragic event and I always said I wasn’t responsible for that.

“Today I have got the result I wanted - I have lost a lot of my life that I can’t get back, but I just want to get on with my life now.

“I hope the Cardiff Innocence Project will get all the recognition it deserves for this.”

17 year-old student made £45 Million in time the rest of us use to eat sandwiches

mohammed islam investment story

Photo taken from LinkedIn, with money photoshopped on by studentmoneysaver, in time that Mohammed Islam would have used to add a few zeros onto his bank balance.

Mohammed Islam, a 17 year old New Yorker, is now worth an estimated £45m after trading on the stock market during his lunch breaks. The time you used in college to play "shithead" or "ring of fire" he used to convert himself into a multimillionaire.

To rub it in how much better he is than you, Mohammed has already used his money to buy a BMW he isn't able to drive yet, and a Manhattan apartment his parents won't allow him to move into.

Edit: This story turned out to be a hoax. Massive oops.

Warwick Students Pepper Sprayed by Police

warwick students pepper sprayed

It was hard to miss this story of protesting students being pepper sprayed by police on Warwick campus. If you did miss it, I'm mildly impressed. A full incident report can be found here.

Swansea student overdosed after a payday loan spiralled out of control

swansea student overdosed payday loan

An inquest looking into the death of 21 year old Mitch Lewis heard that he had took out a payday loan of £100, which turned into an £800 debt within three months. The physics undergraduate who was attending Swansea University, took an overdose of diet pills before regretting the decision and trying to alert his friends via Facebook.

Mitch was described by his friends in the Swansea University paper as "one of those incredible individuals who knew everything and also knew how to cheer you up and make you laugh whatever the situation".

If you are having money problems Student Money Saver suggest you to go straight to your university or family.

Hardship funds are available to you from your university when you are in dire financial circumstances, and you should never have to take out a payday loan. Talk to your university and they will help you.

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