Student mystified when his bank balance keeps going up, discovers something shocking

A student who was mystified when his bank balance kept going up, was horrified when he discovered the reason why.

Tom Wainwright, 19, began uni last September. After a little while, with nights out and expensive rent stacking up, his friends started to complain about how poor they were. Tom doesn't have a job, and was too scared to check his balance, so was blissfully unaware of how poor he was.

But then, after a month of nagging from his flatmate Sarah, 19, he decided to brace himself and take a look.

What he discovered over the next few weeks of diligently checking his bank balance confused the crap out of him.

"My balance kept going up."

Tom bought takeaways for his friends, with his endless supply of money.

"Boom, suddenly I'm on £300 plus."

Tom couldn't believe his luck.

"I checked it for the first time when I was drunk. For courage, you know. But when I saw it I was like 'ok, £200 that's not too bad. In fact, that's fucking brilliant.'" He told Student Money Saver.

"That week I had like two Nandos and a Chinese takeaway, and I thought ah shit I've already blown it."

But when he checked his bank balance, he noticed something strange. He now had £267.44.

"I couldn't believe it. I check a week later - boom, suddenly I'm on £300 plus."

Tom asked around his friends quietly, to see if the SLC had made any payments he hadn't been expecting, but they said no. He even called his parents and subtly asked them if they'd put any extra money in. But they confirmed they hadn't either.

"I kept schtum. I figured if the bank found out they'd be like 'where's my money, give me my money you money thief' and then I'd have to give them their money back."

"I kept thinking maybe it was a bank glitch, maybe I had a mysterious admirer with my bank details."

But after a while, his friend Sarah mentioned she was poor again, and he offered to help her out. He was about to discover what was really going on.

"F*ck me I feel like a f*cking tosspot"

"Sarah said she was poor and I wanted to help. But when I offered her money she was like 'no you must be poor too' and that's when I decided to show her my magical f*cking bank account."

He showed her his balance on screen.

"Then I said 'watch this' and took out a hundo. Then we checked my account again."

"She told me what should have been obvious from day one. I'd been ignoring the fucking minus sign."

It turns out Tom didn't have a "magical f*cking bank account" at all, but didn't realise that his numbers were going up because he was in minus figures.

He explained what he thought the minus sign was:

"I thought it was like, they put a dash before your bank balance or something. Like dash - here is your bank balance. Hang on, let me write it down and show you."

"I'd been spending like an absolute tosser thinking that I had this endless supply of money, then Sarah comes along and tells me 'you're in a lot of debt'. F*ck me I feel like a f*cking tosspot.

"I'd bought Nike trainers. Good ones."

"They're going to have to go back now."

Tom's friend Sarah now helps him with his finance stuff. He has since asked his parents for help, and considers them to be the real endless supply of money.

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