Student McDonald's worker rants about judgemental customers

A student who works at McDonald's to put himself through uni had aired his frustrations at judgemental customers.

Mike Waite, from Edinburgh, delivered a spot-on rant about customers who judged him for working in the fast-food restaurant, telling them he works there because he has ambition, not a lack of it.

In the long Facebook post, which has over 35K likes, the student / McDonald's worker praised his hard-working co-workers, who are also studying to become pilots, lawyers and architects. He said they were determined and willing to "do whatever it takes to look after their family", something he says not everyone is willing to do.

The post, which has been shared almost 6,000 times.

Mike, 20, admitted that he has been tempted to quit more than once, but still thinks McDonald's is a great place to work, especially since they offer flexible work once you're at uni.

"Damn right McDonald’s will be on my CV, this job has pushed my limits in so many areas," he said.

‘Yes, it has its downsides, yes, the wages can be bad and yes it can be difficult, but every job has is negatives and McDonald’s is no different.’

"Now, what drink would you like with that order?"

Other students who also worked at McDonalds supported Mike, telling him McDonald's was more challenging than working as a nurse, and not to let "small minded" customers get him down.

Whilst another former McDonald's worker told him he'd be forever haunted by the dreams of deep-fat fryers, and the fact that KFC is better.

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